After announcing Onslaught earlier this year, Hudson unveiled a second WiiWare FPS during their GDC meetings: Water Warfare. It’s about as family friendly as you can get, with players running around a playground (beach, Venetian city, and or dessert) as a kid with a squirt gun and a wetter and wetter t-shirt representing their health bar.

The game features eight total maps (two sizes for each location) and six different battle modes like straight-up death match or Treasure Chest, a capture the flag variant; Base, where you capture check points; and even one called Point Rally, where you don’t shoot but just have a foot race around the map. Online multiplayer for eight is the most exciting part, but split-screen local for two works as well. Single players have access to a set of training missions, but you’ll definitely want to find some buddies to play with.

As far as weapons, there are some standard varieties available — pistols (which you can dual wield), machine guns, grenade launchers — but we’d like to see a BFG in the form of The Hose. The reload mechanic is kind of a pain in the ass, since it involve finding and loitering briefly near a water fountain, but it obviously makes sense for the concept.

I was a little wary at first of the way you have to aim off screen to turn your character, as it’s been implemented poorly in the past in other games, but after a couple minutes you get used to it, and then my only issue was the lack of a cover mechanic, although I’m sure experienced FPS players will know plenty of ways to take advantage of playground tunnels and whatnot.

Expect Water Warfare to hit this summer just as it’s hot enough to actually get outside and have a real water fight. They can’t all be sunny days!