To coincide with the newly released anime for Queen’s Blade, a slightly erotic fantasy manga, the company is releasing a fighter RPG game to give fans what they want – more service!

Coming out on April 3rd for the PSP, Queen’s Blade is a unit based game with a 2d side fighter to keep the action more interesting.  There isn’t much info on the battle system other than what is listed simply as “damage.”  As you fight you apparently have choice opportunities to destroy the “armor” of your opponent, but sometimes the “armor” is a maid outfit or some such.

If you do succeed in causing such damage to your enemy, you get a wonderful little fan service screen shot of the character you are fighting.  The RPG element sees your units get stronger as they win matches and don’t get their clothes stripped off.

Famitsu doesn’t show us much, but I am somewhat familiar with this anime and I am willing to bet it gets a lot more risqué than the screenshots at the source.

Don’t expect this one to come state side, so if you’re interested I highly suggest you import it.

Source:  Famitsu