Diner Dash must be really popular to warrant three new ports five years after its original release, since Hudson has announced that it’s coming to WiiWare, PSN, and XBLA. They’re even throwing in some multiplayer.

For those who have somehow remained unfamiliar with the basic premise, you play as Flo who does her best to keep customers happy in a succession of more complicated restaurants. You need to deal with the range of tasks from seating the hungry queue, to taking orders, to clearing the dishes,  and everything in between.

I got to spend a few minutes in a multiplayer match. You can play co-op, but I think the Tip Wars (first to hit target cash) and Time Wars (most cash in the time limit) are going to end up being the most fun. There’s nothing quite like snatching a table’s order right under your opponent’s nose.

Up to 8 players can go at it online, but if you’re feeling anti-social you can drown yourself in endless-shift mode to see how long you survive.

All three versions should be out later this year, so get your sprint in shape.