Through a listing on his LinkedIn profile, Treyarch senior animator David Kim has accidentally announced that production of Call of Duty 7 has already begun.

“I am currently on my second title as a senior animator in the games industry with Activision / Treyarch on Call Of Duty 7,” reads Kim’s profile on the networking site.

Following Activision’s trend to give its major franchises annual releases, you can expect Call of Duty 7 to come out in 2010.  Infinity Ward and Treyarch have been alternating CoD releases the past few years, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear the next installment will be worked on by Treyarch.

Along those same lines, recent rumors have hinted at Call of Duty 7 being set during the Vietnam War era, a very controversial issue that hasn’t been touched by many game developers/publishers. Activision has supposedly been looking to license music from the Vietnam War ear, as well as Cuban, African, and Soviet Union music. This hasn’t been confirmed by Activision nor Treyarch, as of yet.

It might be a little too soon to be talking about CoD7, seeing that we don’t even have much info on the sixth installment, but I guess it’s all good.

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  1. what a franchise this has become. a new call of duty every year, like clockwork. it'll be a modern combat one year and a more historical call of duty the next, until we can't take it anymore.

  2. Modern Warfare,Killzone 2,Gears…they are all fine games with great production values,but,plain said, I don't like this neverending trend of war FPS…it's depressing and makes war frivolous,when it's not.

    Now Bioshock…that's a good excuse for an FPS.

  3. im excited bout cod 6 but i cant wait till cod 7 but i also hope there will be more WWII games because i love WWII, im not a nazi i know they’re bad but i love 2 learn about it

  4. I think that it will be great to have another Call of Duty, while I agree that the Modern Warfare series can be more fun on multiplayer, I also enjoy the storyline of historical games, (dear trearch, if u ever make a modern warfare game… terrorist zombies ftw!!!)

  5. I think if they made another WWII, I wouldn't care.. But I'm already sick of Modern Warfare Era, its probably been done more then WWII. But Vietnam has barely been touched I'd love to see that