That’s right Wii gamers! The three Metroid Prime games that were originally released for the GameCube, are now getting the “Wii-treatment” complete with motion sensing controls.

This is great news for American Wii owners, seeing that Metroid Prime was released for the Wii in Japan back in March, while Metroid Prime 2 is coming out later this year. Instead of porting each separate title, Nintendo of America has decided to just pack the whole trilogy into one game and for the price of one game. Read: That’s three whole games (Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) for the price of one! You can’t beat that!

And it get’s better, as the four-person multiplayer mode from Echoes is also returning with the Trilogy pack. But it’s only local four-player split-screen, no online mode. Can you imagine four players swinging their Wii remotes trying to shoot and bounce bombs at each other. Someone is bound to get hurt!

As this might sound like great news for those who had never played the Prime games before, but for those of you who have, y’all might be a little bummed out that Nintendo has yet to announce a Metroid Prime 4. But don’t count it out, as this Prime Trilogy might just be a precursor of what is yet to come.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is set to be released later this summer on August 24 for the Nintendo Wii.

Source: Kotaku