A while back, I wrote an article about an individual I believed to be pawning a stolen console to a local GameStop. I was a little taken back by the obvious nature of the situation and the lack of hesitation by the GameStop employee who happily took it off her hands.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted any type of police intervention in these daily occurrences, but in Florida, that’s exactly what the gun carrying law enforcers of the Sunshine State are doing.

In accordance with recent changes to Florida Legislation, used videogames are now to be treated as second-hand goods sold at pawn shops. In short, this means that any store accepting an opened game, with the intent of resale, is required to take a thumbprint and additional personal information from the individual returning/exchanging the game.

Detective: Ok, when was your game stolen son?
Victim: Yesterday. I play it every day and I woke up today and it was gone.
Detective: Can you describe it for me?
Victim: Sure. It’s a copy of Gears of War.
Detective: Any other unique characteristics?
Victim: Yeah. I wrote my name on the back with big black marker.
Detective: Good thinking kid. We’ll put out an APB. If they sold it around these parts, we’ll find the culprit.

I love a happy ending.

Source: New Times of Broward-Palm Beach (Via: Kotaku)