Currently, the only two ways to control the iPhone in games are with the touchscreen or the accelerometer, and someone obviously took an issue with this. From this supposed “problem” the Gamebone controller was born. With an 8-way D-Pad, built-in Bluetooth connection, and multicolored A, B, C, and D buttons, the Gamebone is an admirable attempt at iPhone gaming control- but Gizmodo brings up some good points with the controller.

Firstly, the games would have to be compatible with the controller, and I have a hard time believing that successful iPhone developers would go out of their way to develop something compatible with this controller. Secondly, without a physical connection the iPhone, the iPhone would just be a screen, without a stand, but 22moo, the developers behind the Gamebone, claim they’re going to remedy this after the controller is released.

The developers seem to have the right mindset going into this though- they’re asking users to suggest a price for the Gamebone, since they don’t have any price point yet. My main question, however, is why a bone?