Above you will find a great video showcasing the “vertical gameplay” evident in Just Cause 2. The game looks stunning, and being able to base jump from such heights looks exciting enough on it’s own. The fact that one can combine the parachute and the grapple to create new paths for oneself looks great too, although I do wonder how he gets his parachute back into his backpack so easily.

I’ll be watching this game more closely as it nears release, since I’m a fan of open, explorable spaces. However, I must say I’m slightly afraid of it falling into Far Cry 2’s trap: having enemies everywhere. Sure, it’s great for budding Rambos, but for someone who just likes to explore, it’s a chore having to kill enemies all the time when you want to explore.

The shooting in the video doesn’t look easy, either. Will there be some sort of lock-on? Hopefully, since aiming from that height and speed will be rather difficult, I’d wager.