Oh Mickey, you're so fine

The upcoming dark, creepy, and downright awesome looking Mickey Mouse platformer Epic Mickey will be a Nintendo Wii exclusive. Hit the jump for gameplay details.

According to Gamezine, the game will involve painting and erasing levels, which sounds just like the unique functionality the Wii is perfect for. Epic Mickey currently has a release date of Fall 2010, but given how far away that is, don’t be surprised if it changes.


  1. Seems like Disney has been starting to take their franchise to another direction, like a ‘darker’ storyline / settings to appeal to more of the masses.
    I guess it’s getting harder to have a ‘happily-ever-after’ storyline that will make an impact (since they have already done it and are known for that) and partially, I think having ‘dark’ theme in video games has been becoming a trend recently?
    But all in all, it’s always interesting to see Disney presenting itself in another approach.