A game changing reveal was first teased by Infinity Ward Community Manager, Robert Bowling, during an interview which took place at a Los Angeles held Modern Warfare 2 event in September.

Bowling stated that there was an aspect to the game that had yet to be discussed, and went on to say that the reason it hasn’t been mentioned is because “once you see it you completely forget everything we’ve already talked about” adding that this aspect will turn Modern Warfare 2 into a “whole new game”.

Fast forward to today, and we are presented with supposed “leaked” gameplay footage depicting Modern Warfare 2 third person gameplay. In addition to that, a screen capture of what appears to be a listing of gameplay modes has also surfaced on the net. Have a look at both after the jump and let us know what you think.

The video above does look “Modern Warfare-ish” but I am not completely convinced that it’s what it appears to be. It might be real considering a few early copies are rumored to be in circulation and the comments made by the community manager lend themselves nicely to this type of gameplay twist scenario,  but it also may be nothing more than an elaborate hoax by an attention hungry gamer.

Want more fuel for the fire? Of course you do. The image below surfaced on the web today as well (go figure) and claims to showcase MW2 game play modes. If you can’t read it without squinting and causing severe brain damage, try your hand at the translated text listing directly underneath it. Both courtesy of Kombo.


– team deathmatch
– free-for-all
– domination
– ground war
– sabotage
– HQ Pro
– Search and destroy
– capture the flag
– demolition
– 3rd person team deathmatch
– hardcore team deathmatch
– hardcore Search and destroy
– team deathmatch …(cant read) (maybe something like team tactical)
– cage match 3rd person

I’ve sent an email to Activision PR and plan to update this post as soon as I hear something. In the mean time I’m curious to know what you think? Real? Fake? Really fake? Sound off in the comment section below.

UPDATE: In a recent PR email sent to Ripten from G4TV teasing Modern Warfare 2 Exclusives on X-Play, the promotional copy promises a look at MW2 “never before seen Co-op play from two wildly different perspectives” during this week’s show. Sounds like third person to me. Thoughts?