Tired of the same old “bad cop”, “naughty school girl”, and “sexy french maid” Halloween outfits? Me too! Okay… not really, but either way, Sega has got the perfect pick-me-up guide for your last minute Halloween costume conundrum … Bayonetta!

That’s right ladies (and men if this is your sort of thing), firmly pack your boobs and butt into a full body leather suit, twirl your hair up in a Bouffant (think Marg Simpson only much sexier), throw on a pair of high heal boots, black rimmed glasses, and grab a handful or two of candy red colored fire arms to top it all off.

Hit the Halloween kid infested streets this year with a look that says “I’m smart enough to know better, but reckless enough to destroy anything that gets in my way.” The Bayonetta makeover is sure to have the men in each and every household rushing to the door for a chance to put their Snickers bars in your sweet sweet candy basket.

For some step-by-step tips on how to pull off the “Bayonetta” look, head on over to Sega’s Bayonetta “Make-A-Witch” Foundation website.