As a teenager I used to have the biggest crush on Nicole Kidman. In fact, I told myself that if the majority of Australian girls looked even half as hot as her I was going to move there when I grew up. Lucky for me and my unhealthy gaming addition, I never grew up.

The Australian Game Ratings Board has struck again pretty much rendering Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2, a terrifically gore-filled zombie hacking blood fest, into a body vanishing mess that even a trained CSI couldn’t extract DNA from. Bravo Australia, I will never eat at another Outback restaurant again.

As you can see below in the Left 4 Dead comparison video featuring pre-censorship and post-censorship gameplay, the experience is pretty much garbage now.


  1. ha, Yeah the censored version sucks. They only allow age 15+ games as the limit, not 17+M like the usa. Weird, they think a 15 year old can shoot thousands of monsters with machines guns but they can’t see a little blood? Something isn’t right…Anyways Kidman is still hot.

  2. ahah yeahh nicole kidman :D

    the censored version of the australian left 4 dead 2 is bullshit half the game is taken out of the aussie version i played the demo and it fuckin sucked so bad, I understand That the R18+ Rating and that faggot that hates Games ( Whos Name Escapes Me)and the gov and so on do have a big part in this but seriously by the censorship throughout the game it should barely pass as a M Rating. im australian and i say that australia needs to harden the fuck up. (no offense aussie land)

    But all my statements could be wrong so shut the fuck up :)

    ehh i cant wait to see other people reply to this :P

  3. Nicole was actually born in Hawaii, but yea she grew up in Aus. Anyways, I wouldn’t even want to play the game if the bodies dissapear before they even hit the ground. Also the swat officer zombie, that thing is scaryyyyyyy they need to keep him in.

    The only good thing this whole censoring thing does is increase the framerate by like 2 and keep it a little more steady when action gets rough by not having 100 body’s on the ground and no blood.

    but so what. :)

  4. gosh this is just not cool, i feel sorry for all Australian’s (including self), i bet many if not all people in Australia would get the imported version of the game or even worse torrent the non censored version because of it.