A Neogaf forum post (containing the image above) implies that Infinity Ward will be disabling the party chat function of the Xbox 360 in some if not all of their online multiplayer modes.

Assuming the post is not a hoax, the general consensus is that party chat allows for cheating in multiplayer contests. For those that own a Microsoft Xbox 360 and don’t have a clue as to what “party chat cheating” is, good for you. As for the rest of you … you should be ashamed of yourself (snicker).

An example of party chat cheating in an online multiplayer, such as Modern Warfare 2, usually involves communication from a recently killed teammate (normally muted in game channel chat due to being dead) with those on his team who are still living i.e. “The bastard that just killed me is heading your way through the warehouse!”

If the forum posts proves to be legitimate, I’ll be behind it 100% and hope that more developers follow in Infinity Ward’s footsteps. How about you? Do regulations like this increase, decrease, or have no effect on your interest in a game?


  1. To put it simply, people will quickly revert back to cod4. People play games like this casually most of the time, and want to talk to friends. If its a clan match then yes, it should be blocked, but just a pub game? I reckon private matches should have it as an option, and they could even impliment new game modes where party chat is disabled, but leave the rest alone.

  2. Oh great. I love being able to just be on an xbl party and chat with my friends while we play.

    I hope this only applies to some kind if competative playlist or something, and not all the modes.

    But, I’ll get it either way. Guess you guys will just have to hear me talk about my day while you play (or mute me)

  3. Fine, do that in offline play. Online play shouldn’t allow party chat or private chat of any kind.

    Instead of blocking you, I’d rather just listen for you to say something even slightly against the TOS and report it.

  4. I’m sure you’re vastly outnumbered on this one david. I don’t think I know anyone who stays clear of party chat; the main advantage of xbox live is that you can so easily talk to your friends without having to be in the same game

  5. I really think That Idea is dumb. No one want to talk to some people you don’t know,I know I don’t I am a skilled player and all but what if you want to talk to your friend but don’t want to hear others. Call of duty 4 sound much better right.

  6. Ok fine then, go back to your boring old COD4 maps while we play COD6 thats nice and fresh and new. If you really have to talk to your friends use a cell phone. I’m sick of hearing kids in waw and cod4 asking anyone in the match to private chat with him so they can meet in a private place to headshot each other to get some unlockable for a gun.

  7. This only makes sense for SnD, removing party chat does not make any sense for game modes like TDM where you always have the ability to talk to your teammates. As far as I know, in the past the only game mode where when you die you cannot speak to those alive is in SnD.

    In all of the debates I’ve seen in many different forums, no one can come up with a decent argument as to why party chat needed to be removed from TDM. It’s all “You just don’t have any friends,” after that (which is also a complete BS argument anyway. IW/MS shouldn’t force me into anything).

  8. Why isn’t killcam considered cheating? You could be in a great spot and the guy you just killed froom across the map just watches the cam and comes to find you. If you are playing with a team you should be able to communicate as a real squad. I think that IW should spend more time fixing the “real” cheaters instead of what people are saying in chat.

  9. This sucks… I mean, I agree 100% if you want to remove party chat from RANKED games – But geez, it’s almost in ALL game types. I’ve always enjoyed the simple pleasure of playing a game and talking with friends in OTHER games but now because ‘some’ people cheat everyone has to suffer. Seriously, this is way over the top. If you care THAT much about ranking and worrying about people cheating in party chat then I say you have your priorities in the wrong place.

  10. @FIxxxer169,

    I’d have to agree with you. At first I thought it sounded like a great idea in principal, but after playing a few matches with friends I’m finding that half the people either mute everyone or you are forced to listen to constant racist slurs and other obscenities. The end goal is noble but the current “solution” is not working. Besides, anyone really serious about cheating could use a blue tooth ear piece and conference call all their friends on cell phones.

  11. You're being a fucking idiot, party chat is great I have friends on other games i like to talk to while playing Cod. Or say my friends are already in a game, i join their party chat and let em know “hey guys back out after this one, let me in.” Considering i pretty much played the call of duty games because of my friends on it this kind of ruined my experience for it. I haven't played this game since the first week because the lack of party chat ruined the game.

  12. I think the only problem with that would be an increase in camping. Since it'd be much harder to find the campers it could to prove to create less than fun gaming environments. Not a bad idea to have it an option but at the same time if IW wanted to implement this they would probably put it on EVERY playlist because that's apparently how they do things now a days.

  13. You are an idiot. I would guess 99/100 players disagree with you. You are the one that needs to go to COD4 and pose as a racist MLG player. That's all we hear on open chat anyway.