There are apparently a few hiccups with the PlayStation 3 version of Modern Warfare 2. Specifically, issues with the party invite feature. Infinity Ward is aware of these problems and promises to have a downloadable patch out by this Friday. Over and out.

[Thanks Examiner]


  1. Just finished the campaign… (SPOILS) anybody else as confused as i am? Did capt price fire an emp on our own capital? Did that not matter at all? Why did the General backstab us other than some of his boys died 5 years ago? It all seemed to snowball together rather than flow in a coherent story like last time.
    I spent at least 2 hours fighting nameless insurgents…in rio…maybe we just interupted the Olympic celebration and its just a big misunderstanding..
    I will say this though…they’re 2 for 2 in ending cut scenes. Gameplay was almost exactly the same as the first one, so I hope the multiplayer lives up to our hopes.