Jon Christensen, Founder of Slash Gamer, and Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media CEO, recently appeared on the FOX morning show “Fox & Friends” to give their stance on the uber violent “terrorist” activities in Modern Warfare 2. The segment was titled “A game that lets you play as a terrorist?” and pitted Jon as the defender of video game content, against Jim, the defender of our precious and highly impressionable children. Here are the highlights:

Jim: The main issue with violent video games, including very well made made games like COD. There’s no question there’s correlation between violent games and kids…

Fox Host: You bring a violent game into a house with an 8 year old, nothing to stop that kid from playing it and becoming a terrorist…

Jon: That’s ridiculous! You’re not a terrorist! It’s pixelated violence! You’re not a terrorist!

There are a few gaming sites out there bashing Jon for losing his train of thought early in the segment and closing his eyes towards the end as he stood his ground defending simulated violence in video games. I’ve known Jon personally for several years now, and what the asshats who are ridiculing him don’t know is that Fox contacted him that same day with just a few hours notice. In addition to Jon never having¬†been on television before, the segment was filmed at 3:30 AM his time, which meant he wasn’t exactly “well rested” before going on air.

Those of you that want to point the finger at Jon, calling him an embarrassment to gamers, should take a hard look in the mirror. He made the appearance in an effort to defend the medium we love from those who would rather reinforce the notion that it breeds future terrorists. Who cares if he didn’t have the on-screen composure of the great Tom Brokaw? His intentions were pure and his heart was in the right place. I applaud him for answering the call … of duty, and you should too.

Update: You can watch the video below. Thanks to Ripten reader martyring for finding it.


  1. In all honesty, I think the sites bashing Jon blew things out of proportion a bit. Typically, when you transcribe an interview, you don’t include things like “uh” and “um”. Sure, he froze for a bit and lost track of where his thought was going but that sort of thing happens to the best of us.

  2. I haven’t heard the bashing, but I don’t see why you’d bash him. Fox is full of crazy people. Honestly if I were him I wouldn’t even have accepted the invitation.

  3. A few sites posted transcripts of the interview before the video was up. Those transcripts included things like “uh-uh-uh” when he lost his train of thought. Other writers flat out said they could have done a better job picking apart his responses as if he was agreeing with the FOX crazies.

    I just feel like the point was missed. He went out there to defend our medium and other gamers/writers decided they would take a few shots at him for doing so.

  4. My 2 Cents: I consider myself a conservative, and I’m also a teacher. In my opinion, video games, if at all, provide an outlet for frustration, which if anything, prevents violence in reality.

    I don’t think that theres any reasonable proof to show that theres a coorelation between violent gaming and violence in real life. People who are already violent may indulge in gaming because of it, but the relationship doesn’t reciprocate to people without issues like that.

    I’m really suprised at the lack of common ground between the left and the right on this. Free Speechers on the left, and gun rights activists on the right would fit together and shut alot of idiots up on this topic. Unfortunatley that would require being calm enough not to scream at each other for 5 minutes, which frankly is never going to happen. (Exhibit A: Congress)

  5. Note: Violent games don’t produce violent people. Real life behavior leads to real life changes. Video games are video games anybody see Penn and Teller’s BS episode on this? It was actually pretty good.

  6. What I would have liked to say, after the faux clone said “You play a terrorist.” I’d say “What! are you calling American soldiers… Terrorist! the clone would have melted.