Sony talked about their future plans for the PlayStation Network in their latest investor meeting, with the biggest news undoubtedly being the company’s intention to put a “new revenue stream from subscription” into effect.

A subscription model. That sounds familiar now doesn’t it? Is it the end of the world for free loading PSN hippies? I don’t think so, but while I firmly believe that PlayStation Network users will still get more for free than Microsoft’s Xbox Live Silver members, I’m willing to bet that certain currently enjoyed free features will eventually phase themselves into the “premium” package right before our eyes.

It’s likely that Sony’s Home model wasn’t the “hit” they expected, causing the company to come to terms with the fact that an additional revenue option was going to be needed — something closer to what Microsoft has been doing all along. I’m no expert on their inner business workings, but it makes perfect sense that the next logical step for them would be to create value in such a transition so that their free members make the jump.

Some customers will inevitably reject the change, while others will happily accept it as inevitable and move on. Which will you be? Are you willing to pay for a PSN subscription model or does this news have you cursing the video game Gods?


  1. I’ve been expecting this for a while now. If Sony steps their game up and not only bumps the free features to premium but creates some currently unknown features for premium users (here’s lookin’ at you cross game chat) then I’ll gladly pay them the xbox live prices, but Sony better not get ridiculous. I would gladly help out the company that has nurtured my video game addiction for over a decade.

  2. Doubtful. This is in reference to two different planned subscription services. The first for the video store – pay a subscription and get a certain amount of movie rentals every month.

    The second is PSN game purchases – pay a subscription and get a certain amount of PSN games.

    Of course, then there’s Qore.