The video below features an angry girlfriend describing her relationship frustration. The man in her life, as she describes it, lacks the motivation to find a job and help with bills. Instead, he prefers to play with his PlayStation 3 on the couch for months at a time. Is it real? Who knows. Regardless, it doesn’t end well for the console that “only does everything.”

I personally think the video is staged, but I will add that when I showed my girlfriend the footage she took one look at my PS3 and said “you know, we have a hammer in the house.” What do you think? Real or fake?

[Thanks Jeff]


  1. It's fake for multiple reasons. They live in a nice apartment with a flat screen Samsung LCD with backlighting. They also have a Bose speaker system (built into the walls). That mean they own the place — they aren't renting. And Bose systems aren't cheap. Last but not least, the guy posted on his YouTube page that he will be breaking her laptop next week. Does that scenario sound familiar? It should. It's the same as the previous couple that you just cited Lenin. I say the entire thing is staged.

  2. My thoughts are the only way we'll ever know if these things are real is if it's one of OUR experiences or people start talking about it cause it was on t.v.. Until then, they're ALL fake.

    BTW Chad, did you get my e-mail and already send out the L4D2 stuff? It was my first time e-mailing you guys. Just wanted to make sure it got through.

    – Thanks ahead of time.