Rocksteady Senior Gameplay Programmer, Paul Denning, recently sat down with UK based PC Zone Magazine to talk about the thought process behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and where the studio may or may not go with the sequel.

Specifically, Denning talked about the sandbox/open-world type gameplay which many of us might be expecting based on the Gotham city setting revealed in the Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 trailer shown during the 7th Video Game Awards a few days ago.

“I think sandbox games that do that well are so hard to realise … GTA is obviously a fantastic example of one that gets it right but there are so many that get it wrong and I think you have to be so careful when you take that route.”

“I think if Arkham Asylum had been that kind of game I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been as good.”

Of course he is talking about the original, but the tone of his comments don’t make it seem very likely that the sequel will head in that direction either. I personally like the idea of somewhat linear gameplay as long as it is done right, and considering this years best game winner Uncharted 2, a game doesn’t have to feature a completely open world to be great.

What are your thoughts? Would you be happy with a Gotham City landscape that isn’t completely explorable, or do you think the developers should open things up more in the sequel?

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  1. sand box world would be kool only if u could travel to like villians hidouts like the iceberg or if two face took over wayne manor and held oracle hostage and batman need his car to save her come u have to admit that would be an awsome mission i also wonder if bane or clayface r in ths cause bane ripped on more titan would be both scary and awsome or if crock and bane fought omg there is so mant opennings for thiss game