As the most popular platform for PC gaming, you’d think that Steam would inflate their prices all the time- just because they could. Of course, the exact opposite is true; Steam’s always been fair with their prices, and I’ve never seen a game exorbitantly priced on the service. That’s why their holiday sale is absolutely ridiculous.

In a good way.

I’m starting to wonder how Steam makes any profit off of their games, because when you have $60 games going for less than half of that price, you make a couple of bucks on each sale. But that’s not the point here. Steam’s temporary insanity is beneficial for the customer, because their holiday sales produce some of the cheapest games you’ll find on the PC. If you’re looking for GTAIV & don’t want to pay the standard $29.99 for it, you’re in luck! Today only, it’s less than 8 bucks. All Ubisoft games are half off, and even all Atari games are 2/3 their normal price.

I know it seems like I’m pushing Steam’s sale here, but you’d have to be crazy to pass on some of these games at this price. I’m going to pick up Mirror’s Edge for $5- tell us what you get from the sale! There are more deals at the Steam Store here.

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