Full of violence, suggestive situations, language, and anything else bad you can think of video games have always been a target to blame when people do bad things.  Recently China Central Television (CCTV), which is China’s state run news network, aired part two of a show called “Confessions of a Murderer — Focus on Pornography and Violence in Online Games (Part Two). 

This isn’t the first time that China in all it’s wisdom has decided that online gaming is ruining all the people in the world, and they even cite examples of a man that clearly decided he should kill multiple people and himself, because he played violent video games. The man is serving a life sentence for killing the people all to get goods in a virtual game.  The show claims that 80 percent of the criminals in a specific prison had all committed their crimes because of online gaming.

Other programs on CCTV have pointed the finger at other video games for causing such a degrade in society, such as an online dancing game “Audition” leading to a young girl having one night stands and abortions because of said interactions with people she met online.

The Chinese government has been locking down how much violence and pornography their citizen’s can get to.  You may remember that World of Warcraft has had a rather difficult time keeping it’s servers active in the country due to issues with certain imagery in game.

The government of China wants to lower the amount of mindless gaming there is in the country.  As a broad statement I can get behind that.  I’d rather not have a bunch of games that are full of pointless objectives or have violence just to have violence.  I don’t agree with the strong arming the government is using to accomplish this task.  In my mind it is always up to the parents to pay attention and show interest in what their kids are doing, no matter where you live, what culture you have, or anything else.  You brought that child into the world, raise them.  Don’t let the television and the newest console do your job for you.  That’s just my little rant on the issue.

Source:  Computer World