EA sports recently announced the inclusion of Japanese fighters Shinya Aoki and Hidehiko Yoshida in their upcoming mixed martial arts video game.

Hidehiko Yoshida is a former Olympic gold medalist in Judo who currently fights as a heavyweight. Thought his transition to mixed martial arts has not been the smoothest, he has successfully ended several of his fights with some of the most devastating submissions in the sport and will be an exciting addition to EA’s game.

Shinya Aoki is one of the top ranked lightweight fighters in the world. He is DREAM’s lightweight champion, holds the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts’ lightweight belt and has defeated Sengoku’s lightweight champion Mizuto Hirota earlier today.

With the inclusion of these two Japanese sensations EA’s MMA game will have an international flair that has been devoid in previously released Mixed Martial Arts games. EA MMA is tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2010 but fighters are still being recruited for the game, so Aoki and Yoshida may be the first of many foreign powerhouses to sign on.

Source: Wikipedia, Sherdog