YouTube, the web-based film sharing giant owned by Google Inc., applied for a patent in February, 2009 which would enable the use of videogames on their site. The gist of what they plan to do is alter videos on there site to create games that work in a similar fashion to the way choose your own adventure games do. You could also make a play style comparison to the upcoming Quantic Dream title, Heavy Rain, though I’m willing to bet it won’t be quite as in-depth or as beautiful as Rain.

As far as the actual implementation itself,  it could go down a few different ways. First, mini-games could be added to certain sections of a video. Second, source videos could be uploaded to YouTube, allowing you to progress through them with specific actions that trigger certain interactive sequences. This could potentially allow a generation of YouTube users to become independent videogame developers of sorts.

Since that Patent was just published this month it is unlikely that we will be seeing this feature anytime soon, but the bright side is that gamers will eventually have another form of free gaming to look forward to in the not so distant future.

[Source: GamePro]