After spending the last two-and-a-half years as a hostage in Iran, British captive Peter Moore will be returning to the UK. He and his four bodyguards were kidnapped in 2007 by an Islamic militia known as the “Shia Resistance.” Soon after being taken into captivity, three of the four bodyguards were killed. What happened to the fourth is uncertain, but he is presumed dead. Apparently, Moore was treated poorly for the first two years of his captivity. But, in June 2008, his captors began providing him with some luxuries.

According to BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, Peter Moore was given “access to satellite TV, a laptop – though not online – and a Playstation.” When questioned about this odd behavior, he commented that Moore’s bodyguards were most likely treated as military personnel, whereas Moore was seen as a civilian.

I know the situation is serious, and certainly isn’t something to laugh at. However, I can’t squelch my curiosity about a few things. Which Playstation was it? 1, 2, or 3? Also, which games was he given to play? At any rate, Moore should consider himself lucky that he is able to return home.