According to gossip heard from Mable during a recent game of  bridge at Blanche’s house, the reason Infinity Ward won’t commit to making a statement about Modern Warfare 3 is that they have a super secret project in the pipeline. This project? Yup, you guessed it- a Call of Duty MMO. This is entirely speculation for now, but Destructoid believes that IW is on a hiring blitz of Sony Online workers, including the lead designer of EverQuest II. If true, this would definitely point to gamers being graced with a MAG or Huxley like Call of Duty experience.

And after how well the Modern Warfare 2 launch went, I don’t think I could be more excited.

See, I used the “more” as a sarcasm detector for my previous statement. I will use every opportunity of my life to point out that Modern Warfare 2 is proof that video game journalists don’t have a spine. It made a whole bunch of money and thus is extolled as the best game of the year. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but reading all these glowing reviews of the game and seeing people gush over it in their meaningless award ceremonies is an absolute insult to the people who actually read this crap and make sure we get paid.

I don’t think you need a UAV to tell that a lot of gamers are absolutely pissed about the last Modern Warfare. Whether they be PC gamers who got a stripped down console version of the game that gives you Xbox Live errors even though, last I checked, the PC wasn’t an Xbox, or whether you are console gamers tired of IWNet failing at every possibly opportunity- a huge swatch of the community detests how this game went regardless of how “engrossing” the overblown and unnecessarily twist filled single player is, or how fun the game is when it actually works correctly. If your story is average and your multiplayer is broken, you aren’t game of the year. You don’t give 9.0s and awards to games that are going to be good in a few months, good scores aren’t anticipatory. Beyond that, the massive amounts of glitches, exploits, and general connection issues caused by IWNet does not make me optimistic that Infinity Ward is going to right their ship before they try a MMO. Especially considering they already proved they don’t care about the PC market anymore, which as far as I can remember is the place MMOs are the most successful.

Luckily for all of us, it is impossible to run one without dedicated servers.

At least I hope.

[Source: Destructoid]