Two images have surfaced today which are believed to be concept images of the upcoming Criterion-developed Need for Speed game. They both suggest that the game’s subtitle will be “Out of the Law”, one of the worst subtitles since “And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Obviously this is an unconfirmed rumour at this point. Don’t take this as proof of anything. I should say that I always feel a tinge of guilt when I post rumours. It’s like posting something I overheard in a pub- clearly unreliable, but undoubtedly interesting. I post this not because I think it’s likely to be true (it could have been made by anyone with good photoshop skills and a stock image or something) but mostly because I love Criterion games, and I really hope they create a great Need for Speed game.

Update: Told you. Criterion have tweeted that the images are fake.