Alex Ziebart over at WoW Insider reported receiving a reliable tip yesterday stating that the next World of Warcraft expansion, titled “Cataclysm” will begin an alpha phase of testing open to Blizzard friends and family on January 12th (today). The tip also mentioned that the access would be obtained via a disc as opposed to being downloadable.

An image of the supposed disk later appeared on the twitter account of wowleak but was later confirmed to be fake. Though the disk was indeed bogus, Alex says their tipster stands by the original information given to them stating that the alpha should begin this week assuming it doesn’t encounter any unforeseen “hurdles.”

A bit confusing as the initial mention of the tip says Tuesday, while the second mention standing by the original tip says this week. One way to tell for sure is to wait and see if any Blizzard friends and family find themselves wandering about a cataclysmic Azeroth as a Goblin rogue later today.