The pointless jumbo version of the DSi that was released in Japan in November is coming to Europe on the 5th of March, EDGE reports. It will be available in “wine red” and “dark brown” upon release, ensuring that even less people buy it.

The DSi XL comes bundled with Dr Kawashima’s Little Bit Of Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6 In 1 With Camera Function, as well as the web browser. Despite the fact that the DSi XL is one of the most useless iterations of a console ever, I think that due to the fact that it’s a Nintendo product it will outsell water and food, eventually rendering the Earth devoid of all life save for the mass chuckle from billions of Dr. Kawashimas as all of the DSi XL microphones are stimulated by the post-apocalyptic wind.


  1. I don't know what to make of this really, is there a great demand for the XL DSi? Isn't one of the main ideas behind the DS in the first place being portability, that thing is bigger than the man's hand in the video (on the EDGE link), it's also 100g heavier. Doesn't really seem worth it just for the extra screen size and pad space.

    Also, worst colour DS so far.