You may not have heard of Bloober. You’re forgiven if you haven’t, because before now, neither had I. Looking at the smalltime developer’s website, I’m not even sure if they’ve released a game yet, but they’ve got a few promising irons in the fire. But it was the above comment that caught my eye.

Bloober Team executive Marcin Kawa spoke up recently when an exec from Capcom commented that core titles don’t do well on Nintendo’s console. Kawa responded with the above, titular comment, as well as the following.

“With such a strong install base it’s hard to believe that there’s not enough people to appreciate mature, core content”.

Kawa elaborates by focusing on the quality of the titles.

“It’s all about games and quality. I’m not surprised that another shooter on rails doesn’t sell well. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that people expect something more than that.”

Kawa cites games like No More Heroes 2, Monster Hunter 3 and Metroid: Other M as quality, hardcore games that will likely do well. It’s the following comments that made me really fall in love with the developer.

“Instead of bitching we’d rather create something that has value and doesn’t feel like a third-rate port put together to make a quick buck.”

I like, go on.

“Our logic is far simpler: if the game doesn’t sell, we did something wrong.”

There are definitely external factors when dealing with game sales, and yes, piracy is one of them. But I agree with Kawa’s logic: if your game is good, people will purchase it.

Bloober’s upcoming WiiWare title, Last Flight, is listed as coming soon on their official website.

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