Stick a fork in Crispy Gamer — it’s done.

Joystiq is reporting that the video game website has today laid off its entire editorial staff, at the behest of Crispy Gamer’s board of directors. No formal announcement has been made and Crispy Gamer’s website is still operational, but several of its full time staff are now tweeting that they are without jobs and citing the Joystiq article as proof.

“Yup… the Crispy Gamer experiment is officially over. It’s been a trip,” writes veteran game journo and full-time Crispy staffer Kyle Orland.

“Things to do today: finish novel, check. Take cats to vet, check. Get laid off, check,” tweeted Crispy’s Chris Buecheler.

“You want to be down with a handsome, well-connected game journalist, don’t you? I’m suddenly available,” pled Crispy’s Evan Narcisse.

“My heart goes out to all the screwed-over full-time staff at Crispy. You guys were fantastic to work with. Hope we can do it again,” said Russ Fischer.

According to Joystiq, company CEO Chris Heldman resigned in protest following the decision. I’ve attempted to reach Heldman for comment, but have been unsuccessful so far. Other affected staff reportedly include Scott Jones, John Teti, James Fudge, Ryan Kuo, Elise Vogel and Anne Mischler.

No explanation has been given for the layoff, whose report came as a surprise to staff and industry watchers alike. Just last month, Crispy Gamer bought the social network GamerDNA — and in a blog post, GamerDNA CEO Jon Radoff wrote that he would move on to new ventures in 2010, after leaving the company in the hands of Crispy CEO Chris Heldman.

On a positive note, Crispy’s Kyle Orland has confirmed that Games For Lunch, his popular short-form game review column, will continue beyond Crispy Gamer’s demise.

Source: Joystiq


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