There’s a rumor going around the internet claiming that Sonic will make an appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

According to a trusted source close to Nintendo magazine NGamer, Sega’s infamous hedgehog will be in the Green Hill Galaxy level. Maybe from a trusted source, but for now it’s just a rumor. That is until Nintendo or Sega actually confirms it.

With Sonic 4 now officially revealed, and now a rumored appearance in SMG2, seems as if Sonic is gonna be busy in 2010, which is great news to hear.


  1. OH, MY GOD!!!! If this rumor is true, I will have a heart attack and die (as I am a huge Mario fan)!
    I cannot believe that Nintendo would actually be stupid enough to do this! This is the BIGGEST mistake they could possibly make! It might even make them go out of business because Mario is their mascot! That's how much it would probably hurt their sales!

    Don't get me wrong because I love both Mario and Sonic. It's one thing to put Sonic in SSBB or the Olympic Games, maybe even Mario Kart, for they are spin-off games, but for them to put him in a main Mario title, I have 2 words to say about that: HELL NO!!!!

    If this rumor is true, bye-bye forever, Mario!

  2. Whoa! You're being way hardcore but that's all you. But I do kind of agree with you that it's okay for sonic to be in the spin-off games, but in a hardcore Mario title, kind of odd. We can only wait and see if it'll be true.

  3. ive also heard rumors that there will be four player coop with mario luigi wario and waluigi

    i like the sound of this rumor because for all the waluigi fans this would be the first game with waluigi as a playable character in story mode

    hope this does happen but if it doesnt i wont care that much