In a surprise move that shocked absolutely everybody and was expected by absolutely nobody, Activision confirmed that another Call of Duty game was not only in the works, but slated for this year’s holiday season. They also confirmed that new titles, map packs, and marketing for older titles were on the way, in an attempt to increase the series’s userbase.

“… this holiday, as we eluded earlier, we plan to release a new Call of Duty game. We expect that the global Call of Duty user base will continue to grow driven by expected high attach rates, and news sales of hardware, and new downloadable map packs which should continue to keep current players engaged while attracting new consumers to the brand.”

It’ll be hard to top Modern Warfare 2’s billion-dollar revenue, but if the rumors of Vietnam being the setting for the next game are true, then an entirely new crowd of gamers will be drawn to the series. The biggest complaint COD has had was its repetitive WWII setting, so it’d be interesting to see something new. (via destructoid)