Activision has confirmed that it’s releasing the first DLC map pack for Modern Warfare 2 dubbed the “Stimulus Package” in just a few weeks on March 30.

The Stimulus Package will first be released on Xbox Live and Silver Live members will be able to try out MW2 online play in a “Multiplayer Unlock event” during the dates of March 12-15.

There are no other details on the maps themselves, nor how many maps the package will actually contain, but there have been a few leaked shots of the game which you can check out in the video below.

The Stimulus Package is the first of two DLC packages that are set to be released this year. Look out for it March 30.


  1. sooo fake
    hes playin' free for all then hes on capture the flag… and there is no old school on Mw2 i saw that on overgrown

  2. These are all confirmed maps. From crash to overgrown to complex. All 5 are 100% real. Ive even played on them. I'm just hoping its no more than 800ms when they come out. and if you don't believe me, on march 30th send my gamertag (A Tree Fairy) a msg saying you apologize when all 5 appear on the market place. got it? good.

  3. its fake. u can see on crash when the game ends, the score and he has blocked out the marine force recon symbol beause thats just footage form COD4. And it dont show actual game footage on the new maps only crap pictures which everyone had ages ago. YOU NOOB!!!