In the spirit of Bruno, I’d like to say “Opening E3 with a press conference is soooo last season.”

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg tweeted that the company will kick off their E3 extravaganza with a Project Natal experience on Sunday night. Their press conference would then take place the following day.

“Just 1 press conference on Monday morning … Sunday night is a “Project Natal” experience, not a press conference. We’re gearing up for a really exciting E3, and wanted to share some key dates to put on your calendar. More details to come.”

This years E3 will run from June 15th through the 17th so get your Natal loving ass ready.


  1. “June 15th through the 17th”
    – I hate that I'm still in school….. -_____-

    Sidenote, Just want to be sure you get this –
    Also, still no word on those L4D2 prizes? Got to thinking about it again… I'd like to change my shirt order if possible to:

    XL – “L4D2 Ellis Survivor Tee”

    If you can, try to milk them for more stuff for forgetting about us (wouldn't mind a wristband and hat to go with my t-shirt). j/k I'm good with a shirt. Thanks ahead of time. =D