The Final Fantasy XIII free roam area known as Gran Pulse packs many surprises, but the biggest (at least in size) just might be the gigantic dino-like creature named Long Gui. With a massive 16 million hit points, this bad boy is the thing nightmares are made of … unless of course you are one of the few who can down it in under ten seconds. Check out the video below.

I must note that most strategies revolve around a well groomed group downing this creature in 7-10 minutes. This video is obviously utilizing some sort of exploit/hack modifying Lightning’s “Army of One” ability, which you can clearly see the gamer selecting from her combat menu.


  1. Sorry to say, this is a total hack, only available to Xbox 360 cheaters. Minutes of fame for the cheater. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to break the game. The game loses its value.

    • Hey Bushy,

      The article never claims that it is anything but a hack though I have no idea how the hacker is doing it. But I do agree with you, in that, anything like this that makes the game infinitely easier will take away from the enjoyment that comes with playing the game.

      Thanks for the comment.