Respawn Entertainment, the company started by enemies of the state Activision Vincent Zampella and Jason West continues to fill its roster with former Infinity Ward employees. This time, the four former employees who have confirmed their employment with the company through LinkedIn, which I think is like but for professionals or something, includes two people who held senior positions with Infinity Ward. It should be noted that all four employees are also involved with the lawsuit that was talked about a few days ago on G4, here, and just about every corner of the gaming world that is connected by internets.

This makes 16 former Infinity Ward employees total who have “respawned” (I’m so sorry). I actually doubt any of these people really quit to join Zampella and West’s new company though, I think that they all showed up for work one day at Infinity Ward and when they got into the building’s lobby it glitched and none of them have been able to get back in since.

Someone ask @FourZeroTwo when they are going to patch it.

[Source: Joystiq]