Need for Speed World, EA’s upcoming racing MMO, has been pitched for July 20th, it was announced today. A free client will become available on that day, allowing you to play toll-free for the first ten experience levels.

If you find yourself becoming a fan, you can then purchase the “Need for Speed World Starter Pack” which includes £14.99/$19.99 worth of SpeedBoost (the currency in the gameworld), access to experience past level 10 to level 50, a few power-ups, and a limited edition vehicle.

If you preorder the game you’ll get access to the game on July 13th with boosted XP gain, as well as access to beta events in the future, and the ability to reserve your handle in advance. There are also retailer-specific rewards for preordering, with can be spotted here.

All very nice, and £15/£20 doesn’t seem all that bad, as long as the game turns out to actually be good. We’ve not seen all that much of it so far, but it seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to me, and I’ll certainly at least be trying out the free client that comes out on the 20th.