Why is there a giant photo of a magazine page filled with words you don’t understand looking back at you? Simple. The image above displays the following phrase in Portuguese:

“O anúncio de uma grande sequela PlayStation 3 em exclusivo na próxima ROPS!”

Which, when translated into English, reads something like this:

“The announcement of a major PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel next ROPS!”

Now, those smokey eyes should look very familiar to you — No, they don’t belong to Beyonce, and no, they aren’t Avril Lavigne’s either. The deep set baby blues angrily staring back at you are property of inFAMOUS protagonist Cole MacGrath. Don’t want to take our word for it? You can see for yourself in the image below, taken directly from the IGN inFAMOUS image gallery.

At this rate, E3 2010 is primed to be one hell of a sequel-filled event.

[Thanks AGB]