How many game developers have phoned you to say thanks for being such a big fan? For me, the answer to that question is simply “none.” Still, my answer would not change if the question was simply “has anyone ever phoned you?”

Anyway, not many games developers are willing to take the time to call their fans and tell them how great they are. The fan in question is Brandon Winfrey, the host of a YouTube show called ‘Reaction Time’ and a big fan of Insomniac games. The Founder and CEO of the company Ted Price noticed the show, and decided to call him just to say thanks. Not a common occurrence, but a great gesture. It’s almost as good as Valve hiring their fans.

If you want to see the Reaction Time episode that Ted is referring to in his thank you call, you can watch it below.


  1. F Ted Price and Insomniac Games. All the Xbots are, of course, welcoming this news, DESPITE they bashed the shit out of Insomniac and all their games since day 1.

    Insomniac=Traitors. They can go to HELL. I hope their HQ burns down.

  2. That was really cool of both Ted and Brandon. Nice to see devs communicating with their loyal fans like this. Can’t wait to see the new IP that’s coming to the 360. I think it’s a win-win for everybody. Including the misguided and pissed off PS3 fanboys.

  3. MetalGearRising isn’t a PS3 fanboy, he is a known lowlife 360 fanboy. He is trying to make PS3 fans look silly, but really he is the most pathetic scum alive.

  4. Obviously this was a planned thing if it was recorded. PR stunt? Definitely. Needed? I dont think so. Im as big a Playstation fan as any, but, hey, business is business. They werent owned by SONY so, it was really only a matter of time before they went multiplatform or were bought outright by someone.

  5. Considering the development costs for next gen games, and the return required to amke a profit… Insomniac Games have made the only choice availiable to them… develop for the Xbox360. There’s not many 3rd party developers willing to put all thier eggs in one basket… especially the smallest one.

    I expect to see a lot more Devs developing cross-platform.

    Personally it’s great news… can’t wait to see what Insomniac Games are going to come up with :)

    So… who’s next… Naughty Dog! :) … you’ll be more than welcome on the Xbox360 chaps… when are you jumping ship too?

  6. as a PS3 fanboy, I think this is great news. It’s not as if I won’t be able to play this new IP, as it is multiplatform, and I still get to play the PS3 exclusives they put out. For whatever reason, Insomniac’s sales haven’t been where I think they deserve to be on PS3, so if this brings more cash in to them, more power to them. And the 360 fans who bashed them but secretly wanted to play their games now get the chance! (obligatory dig)

  7. One IG studio will continue to make PS3 exclusives, the other studio was set up for multiplatform development. I’m really looking forward to this new multiplatform IP, especially as a PS3 fan: IG knows the PS3 like few other devs out there, so there won’t be a gimped PS3 version.
    Bring it on Ted, and whatever it is, make sure it’s got a weaponwheel full of Insomniac’s craziest weapons and gadgets=)