Rumors began to circulate earlier today that Rockstar had pulled an unannounced title they had planned to show at E3. The source of said rumor started when VG27 shared the otherwise protected tweet you see below, made by Nuts Associate Editor, Rory Buckeridge.

“And Rockstar have pulled their E3 game launch. Oopsie.”

It didn’t take Rockstar long to issue a statement, as a spokesperson for the developer told CVG that they aren’t planning on showing any new games during the E3. VG247 was later informed that Rockstar would have “no presence” at all during the event.

“In the end, we feel we simply don’t have enough time to show as much as we would like in the time available …”

The representative also revealed that Rockstar had planned to show Max Payne 3 and LA Noire at the show, but opted instead to reserve those for a later date. No mention was made of the “game launch” title referred to in the Nuts Editor tweet above, so the jury’s still out on that one.