A handful of what certainly appears to be leaked Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions‘ in-game screens, showing a Spider-Man 2099 version of the wall-crawler in a futuristic setting that combines the look of The Fifth Element and Tron, have made their way to the web.

We reached out to Activision PR for a comment, and while they have yet to confirm or deny the validity of them, they did let us know the content in question was not officially released by them. Also, anyone who heads over to the Shattered Dimensions website, will quickly see that only two Spider-Man faces have been revealed.

If these images are real, it would seem that they certainly weren’t meant to be unveiled just yet. The question then becomes — where the hell did they come from?


  1. Wow, I must say these new pictures look quite promising. Is he fighting Captain Falcon in 2 of those pictures?!