What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when a video game freezes while in mid play? Scream? Throw up your arms disgust before unloading on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? How about filing a class action lawsuit seeking an excess of 5 million dollars in damages against the creators of the game and the makers of the console it froze on? Well, that’s exactly what one gamer did.

Daniel Wolf of San Diego, California, claims in his June 2nd lawsuit, filed against both Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Square Enix, that his Final Fantasy XIII game caused “severe and widespread damage” to his PlayStation 3 console — rendering it incapable of playing any other form of media — even after attempted restarts. He goes on to speak on behalf of other customers (who apparently share his grief), adding that for many of them, the PlayStation 3 console became “totally and permanently inoperable.” Making maters worse, his suit then claims that neither Sony nor Square stepped up to offer their assistance with the situation.

I’m no rocket scientist, but it would seem that this is far from a slam dunk case for Daniel. Systems freeze every day, for various reasons, and while playing various games. And though I don’t doubt the dismay of everyone involved in this case against Sony and Square, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. On one hand, Sony could hypothetically argue that Final Fantasy XIII has frozen on the Xbox 360 as well (which it has), and on the other, Square could counter by bringing forward evidence that documents similar issues caused by other games on the PlayStation 3 console.

Now, I know that I personally had some issues with Final Fantasy XIII. And it did at times feel as if the game was frozen. However, I eventually realized that I’d put the game on pause before slipping into an epileptic seizure after becoming totally fed up with the twenty plus hours of linear gameplay. Never thought to sue anyone though. Oh well.

[Source: IGN]