In a sequel plagued gaming market inundated by titles that appear to be made essentially for multiplayer conquest, only to have a single player mode tacked on a few days before development closes, Singularity, an upcoming title from Raven Software, hopes to become a beaming light in the dark tunnel that is today’s multiplayer fueled gaming era.

The main storyline of Singularity takes place on an island known only as “Kartorga-12”, and of course this island happens to be inhabited by crazy scientists working on a top secret project. And keeping with traditional video game culture, this project of course backfires, rendering the island cut off by the Russian Government. In turn, America sends someone to access the damage, thereby introducing us to the story’s protagonist; Nate Renko.

I’ve been following this title on and off for quite some time now, though it wasn’t until recently that my interest was reignited. What caused this you ask? Well it was a video posted to YouTube containing around 90 seconds worth of footage highlighting a Powerglove like contraption dubbed the “TMD”, or “Time Manipulation Device” for us less acronymically inclined folks.

Now that you’ve got a little back story under your belt, let’s delve into the four TMD controlled applications, which are all showcased in their own Activision released vignette below.

The first in our video/information round up is the “Age/Revert” function, which as you’ve probably guessed, allows you to control time and morph objects accordingly.

TMD: Age/Revert Application

So after watching that video I think we can all come up with some practical uses, right? Unfortunately this technology is only applicable in the game, which of course is disappointing as I wanted to use it to rewind the lotto and magically have the winning numbers! Oh well.

As far as the real usage goes, Raven Software has introduced segments of the game where you can implement the “Age/Revert” function to repair broken walkways, turn humans into creepy monsters, and even destroy enemy cover in real time forcing the enemy combatants into the open — for a timely death by steel rain.

The next video in our showcase is the “Gravity” application. Once activated, this bad boy can suspend incoming enemy fire in mid air, and launch it back at the attackers while they frantically reload. Not exactly sure if Isaac Newton would approve, but it’s impressive none the less.

TMD: Gravity Application

As you just witnessed, the “Gravity” application isn’t limited to ammo, as you can also use it to hurl, suspend, and flat out move a whole host of objects out of your way with ease.

The third video in our line up is “Deadlock”, an ability that gives you a spherical dome, similar to the Bubble Shield in Halo 3, capable of slowing/ freezing anything that comes within its reach “dead” in its tracks.

TMD: Deadlock Application

Spraying bullets into a group of helplessly frozen combatants seems a bit overpowered if you ask me. Overpowered … and great! The “Deadlock” application might also come in handy if you wanted to recreate The Matrix while stuck on an island with a bunch of crazy Russian scientists. I’m just sayin’.

The last video in our Singularity vignette collection features an application called “Impulse”, capable of firing off immense orbs of power whenever they’re needed. This devastating blast will come in handy whenever you feel the need to remove doorway obstructions, or do a little more in depth environmental remodeling. However if none of those uses appeal to you, it’s fairly efficient at dispatching the evil denizens of Kartorga-12 too.

TMD: Impulse Application

After watching the final video currently available to us, I think we can all agree that the “Impulse” application might be the most useful ability to grace the Time Manipulation Device.

It is also worth noting there is one last application called “Chronolight”, which has yet to be released in video form to the public. This ability acts as a flashlight, however instead of shining light on a present environment, it offers you a glimpse into the paste state of that which you shine it upon. When coupled with the “Gravity” ability, players can then yank items they see in the past into the present, in order to solve puzzles and gain access to other areas. We’ll make sure to get that video to you as soon as it is Activision releases it.

Other Notable Singularity Information

Raven Software also announced that the TMD could restore broken down set pieces like buildings and ships, allowing for a temporary and fragile structural walkthrough.

In attempt to traditionalize the game, Raven Software made the decision to replace the “glowing” screen effect, used to designate health and incoming damage in recent titles such as Modern Warfare 2 and the Gears of War series, with a more nostalgic health bar. Their hopes is that this will force players to slow down and explore the environments they’ve created in Kartorga-12. It sort of sounds like a gimmick to increase the playtime forcibly if you ask me, but time will tell.

Singularity launches on the 29th of June 2010 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles the world over. Now if only we had the Time Manipulation device to bring the release date closer!