While it’s always interesting to follow Ice-T on Twitter, his live Ustream appearances are where the real party is. On his most recent Ustream broadcast, Ice casually let loose that he’ll have a part in Epic’s upcoming Gears of War 3, and immediately followed it up with a “I didn’t say that.” Yes you did! We all heard you!

Nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft or Epic, but it’s unlikely that Ice-T lied here. He has a history of being really into video games, so it would make sense that Epic would invite him (and Soulja Boy) to be a part of their next blockbuster hit — especially when you consider the fact that Cliff Blezinski and Ice T discussed this very thing during a 2009 Jace Hall show.

Ice-T: I would really love to be in it. It would be a little more starpower. Put Ice-T on the box, that’s a million sales right there.

Bleszinski: If there is a Gears 3, which you never know, I have a feeling there will be a part for you.

Ice-T: I would love to do that man, we need to talk.

Honestly, I’m much more excited for Gears of War 3 now that the Cop Killer himself is involved. And if you’re wondering what you should do while waiting for 2011 to roll around, perhaps you could chow down on a nice hot bowl of dicks? (Don’t worry, that’s safe for work. Unless Ice-T’s tweets have been banned at your workplace for some reason.)

[Source: Giant Bomb via Dtoid]