Alan Wake’s first of two announced DLC installment, titled “The Signal”, will be released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace July 27th, but you can get a small taste of it in the form of a screenshot below.

The screen was posted exclusively on the official Alan Wake Facebook page, and the message thread below featured a few comments by a Remedy rep operating under the Alan Wake alias:

“ … This is extra content that we started developing after Alan Wake was shipped. They are to bridge the gap between Alan Wake 1 and Alan Wake 2 (if made).

“They will give you a bit more insight into the story but they are entirely optional and if you don’t play them you still will understand the story if we continue it on for Alan Wake 2. Think of them like Christmas specials in a TV series”

” … there is no third DLC. As for the pricing, they are each 800mp but if you purchase the game new you get a coupon allowing you to download the first DLC (The Signal) for free.”

Finally, in a response to when we could expect to see more screens, the rep stated:

“Soon! Very very soon :)”

Imagine that. E3 around the corner and companies actually have new content to tease us with. What is this world coming to…