So as I sit here scouring the web for game related news, my phone starts to ring. Without thinking, I pick it up and say hello. The man on the other end calls me something that didn’t register at first, and then he starts talking about needing help, saying something along the lines of:

“It’s Lynch, we’re in China. I need your help. (goes on for a bit but I was too busy laughing to jot it all down) Ive gotta’ girlfriend now. My priorities are not the same. I cant afford any more screw ups. Call me back. And Kane, I uh …  it’ll be good to, you know, see you again. I’ll show you around.”

Hey, good for Lynch. I’m was glad to hear that he’s turned over a new leaf, and I’m fairly certain that he and Kane will resolve their differences (before creating some new ones) in the upcoming release of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

They say time heals all wounds, so all we need now to complete the circle of love and forgiveness, is for IO Interactive and Gamespot to hop on a conference call with good ol’ Jeff Gerstmann, shed a few tears, issue a bro-hug, and call it a day.

Come on guys, make it happen. Jeff might have said you had “ugly characters”, and sure, that might have put a minor strain on the advertising relationship you had at the time, but he did say you had “really nice ideas.” Shouldn’t that count for something? Hug it out and let’s move on.

Alright readers, are you excited to see a Kane & Lynch sequel, or will Lynch have to issue more than an appologetic phone call to gain vote? Sound off in the comments section below.


  1. Although Kane and Lynch was absolutely terrible, the story wasn’t that bad, well, the parts about Lynch’s life were good so I kind of want to know what happened/will happen with him. The ending of the first one though! What was up with that!? Playing co-op and one of you flies off back home and leaves the other just standing there, damn unfair I say!

    The game was terrible but strangely I want to play the next one, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it.