As of today, the PlayStation 3 is officially a third dimensional console. In an announcement over on the Official PlayStation 3 blog, Sony let it be known that from this point forward, games that don’t reach out and smack you in the face are a thing of the past. Well, sort of.

There are four games ready to be played in full stereoscopic 3D; Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, parts of Pain, and the Motor Storm Pacific Rift demo — all of which can be downloaded from the PSN. Sony are also promising The Fight: Lights Out, a gritty brawler that utilities the Move technology, will be in 3D too.

Of course, you’ll need a 3D television to experience all of those dimensions, and they don’t come cheap. Sony’s own Bravia model, which won’t ship to retailers until later this month, will set you back at least $2099.99. Hardly what you’d call pocket change, but Sony are promising to bundle their 3D ready models with PSN vouchers that can be used to download the 3D content. Hey, it’s better than nothing. No word yet on how bad people will look whilst wearing the stereoscopic glasses.