Telltale’s excellent Wallace and Gromit Adventure Series is coming to the iPad, the developer announced today. The series will be episodic, just as they were on the PC, starting with “The Last Resort.”

As Destructoid notes, however, “The Last Resort” is the second episode in the series. Either they have decided to abandon that episode or will incorporate it somehow into the second episode to cater for the iPad market.

Having adventure games like this on the go is always a nice idea, and great for playing when you’re bored. Wallace and Gromit will always have a place in my [heart/DVD cabinet/new world order- delete as appropriate], however, as I grew up watching the delightful original episodes (fully modeled in plasticine) on a yearly basis. My mother even knitted me a Wallace and Gromit-themed soft toy when I was just a wee nipper.

If I had an iPad, this would be great news. I don’t have an iPad, but if you do, feel free to treat this news with contempt or glee as you wish.