It’s absolutely crazy the amount of news we get from Twitter nowadays. From the announcement of different trailers to release dates for games, a lot of gaming news is delivered through Twitter- even if it’s done so inadvertently. Courtesy of Eminem’s official Twitter feed, we learn that the famed rapper will be giving away some tickets to Activision’s E3 event on Monday. Logic would probably dictate that he’s going to be there too, most likely promoting DJ Hero 2.

“People in the LA area should stay tuned here tomorrow afternoon… I’m giving away some tickets to Monday’s Activision event.”

While we won’t be liveblogging Activision’s E3 event, we’ll be doing our best to update everyone on any news we get from Activision tomorrow. Last year, Activision’s E3 event was more like an earnings call than a keynote, but if we’re lucky, we’ll get a new look at some things Activision is working on. At the very least, we’ll probably get to see Marshall Mathers III do his thing on the turntables.