Throw on a comfortable pair of pants, grab a beverage, and pick your nose (if that’s your thing) while our fast-fingered geeks live blog you through every moment of the upcoming E3 2010 keynotes.

The live blog keynote pages are on the site right now, and you can head on over to any one of them to sign up for an email reminder that will ping your inbox as close as one hour before the show starts.

Here’s a run down of the keynotes we’ll be covering, with links to their respective pages on our site. You can also access these pages at any time from the E3 2010 navigation bar at the top of the site.

E310: Microsoft Keynote
06/14/2010 10:30am PDT

E310: EA Keynote
06/14/2010 2:00pm PDT

E310: Ubisoft Keynote
06/14/2010 5:00pm PDT

E310: Nintendo Keynote
06/15/2010 9:00am PDT

E310: Sony Keynote
06/15/2010 11:30am PDT

We look forward to bringing you this coverage and addressing as many questions as we can during the live blog sessions. Thanks for making Ripten your home for 100% independent E3 coverage.