Unfortunately, GameSpot’s attempt to predict Electronic Art’s E310 lineup broke thousands of hearts around the globe. Earlier this week, their interactive E3 Show floor Map listed Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II as featured titles at EA’s booth. They were wrong.

An EA spokesperson rectified this, stating that neither game would be present at this year’s show. GameSpot has since edited their map and fixed the erroneous titles. Now, you will have the pleasure of viewing Bulletstorm and Crysis 2.

While I would love to see BioWare out and about, sounding the trumpets for their latest creations, but I’d rather they take their sweet time. Mass Effect 2 has barely been out for a year and we’ve yet to see the first of several story DLC like Overlord yet. It’s just too soon for both ME and DA. Hang tight, kids. I’m sure there will be plenty of other awesome things at E3. They just won’t be as awesome as Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Source: GameInformer (via LiveJournal)


  1. Well…. My heart was just broken. I was expecting this, though. It didn’t make sense for there to be info out for Mass Effect 3 worthy of E3 already, seeing as how they’re just barely getting into creating it. Well, I can’t wait to see what else they have this year! And for Mass Effect 3 at next year’s show!

  2. This is good news imo. BioWare shouldn’t be rushed on anything. Just be patient, let them take their time, and I’m sure ME3 and DA2 will every bit as epic and awesome as ever.

  3. damn you bioware, why are your games so awesome??
    after ME1 I didn’t expect a sequel, then after 3 years it came.
    after ME2 all I could think about was ME3

    same for DAO

  4. Not buying it. At least, not with Dragon Age.

    If EA still plans to release a new Dragon Age game in Q1 2011, (http://www.joystiq.com/2010/02/08/new-dragon-age-in-early-2011-on-consoles-handhelds-and-pc/) they’ll have AT LEAST some news on it. An interview, a teaser trailer, something. They may not show gameplay yet (they didn’t for Mass Effect 2 at E3 ’09 either as far as I know, and that still came out 7 months later.) but I seriously doubt that it doesn’t get talked about AT ALL. I’m HOPING we get ME3 news as well, but I won’t be as shocked if we hear nothing about it either.

  5. I’m in the camp that wants BioWare to take its time with Mass Effect 3. NO RUSH. I love the series and want it to be as good as it can be and not pushed out the door before it is ready. However, I do hope they will keep ME2 alive in the interim with more and better DLC content. I would be quite happy to bid time until a really good ME3 comes out playing and replaying additions to ME2 (and ME, for that matter).

  6. mass effect 3 will be the most epic game ever created when the galaxy faces off against the reaper fleet. shepard will be in command of entire spacefleets and militaries in which the choices will actually have galactic consequences.